From left to right:

Krzysztof Kiecana – guitar

Mikołaj “Total” Kujda – drums

Karol “North” Łapczyński – vocal

Mateusz “Raven” Szymanek – bass

Aleksander Szymański – lead guitar


Hexenhammer (2015, Via Nocturna)

01. By The Devil’s Hand 02. Children Of Pestilence 03. We Were Born In The Eye Of The Storm 04. Masquerade In The House of Gods 05. Baptized In Blood 06. Black Tongue Lithany 07. Bloodwritten 08. Eight Winds Of Chaos 09. Carnal Apostasy 10. Oath Of The Damned This album was recorded in Puławy, Poland in Autumn 2014. Mixed and Mastered by Aleksander Szymański. Produced by Incarnal. Cover design by Krzysztof Kiecana, Fabian „Rubens” Kujda” and Michał „Pencileater” Bernat. Lyrics by Karol „North” Łapczyński. Guest: Andrzej Papież (2) and Artur „Chudy” Chudewniak (5). Special Thanks: Bartosz „Trojan” Trojanowski, Paweł Saran, Mateusz „Sulphur” Gręba.

I Have Worn A Bird’s Mask (2013)

01. The Chronicle 02. So Far from Heaven, So Close to Hell 03. One Night in the Torture Hall 04. Lux in Tenebris 05. I Have Worn a Bird’s Mask This album was recorded in Puławy, Poland in Winter 2012. Mixed and Mastered by Krzysztof Kiecana. Produced by Incarnal. Cover design by Krzysztof Kiecana and Michał „Pencileater” Bernat. Lyrics by Karol „North” Łapczyński.  

Where Evil Has It’s Beginning (2012)

01. It’s Too Late for Praying 02. Burning Salvation 03. Where Evil Has Its Beginning 04. Philosophy of Blind Gods 05. Pray to Thee My Mistress of Sin 06. Under the Villon’s Gallow 07. Kill Them All! The Lord Will Recognise His Own 08. Sword of the Witcher (Vader) 09. And Evil Has Been Created This album was recorded in Puławy, Poland in Autumn 2011. Mixed and Mastered by Krzysztof Kiecana. Produced by Incarnal. Cover design by Krzysztof Kiecana. Lyrics by Karol „North” Łapczyński. Guest: Wojciech Wojciechowski (3).  


Incarnal was formed in 2010 from the remains of other local death metal band Leviathan. Created by Leviathan’s two ex-members Karol Łapczyński (vocal) and Krzysztof Kiecana (guitar) the project started its career with a single titled Deathfront. This single, a homemade recording, was released in 2010.

From the very beginning Incarnal was planned to be a two-person project and with such an idea the founders started to create a first official album titled “Where Evil Has Its Beginning.” This material, as well as the previous one, was recorded in Krzysiek’s private homemade studio which gave a very specific, raw and dark mood. This mixture was highly evaluated in various reviews. Where Evil Has Its Beginning was released in February 2012. This album was so interesting that after some short time there were many questions about live shows. This factor made founders of Incarnal to think about forming the full band. In March, Mateusz Szymanek joined the band as bassist with a very young and talented drummer Mikolaj Kujda who joined the band soon later. The spring 2012 was very hard period of time in terms of getting prepared for upcoming live shows. In June 2012 the Legacy Records released Where Evil Has Its Beginning for the second time. Incarnal’s first live show was performed on local festival called Mocne Uderzenie. Since that time the band started to perform the set of live shows, also in neighbouring countries. Between playing live shows 4-membered Incarnal was working on new metarial for the next album titled I Have Worn a Bird’s Mask. Released in May 2013 the EP consisting of 4 songs was recorded in DHM Studio in hometown Puławy. The album cover of IHWABM prestented the medieval plague doctor with a bird’s mask who since that time became the main symbol of Incarnal. In June 2013 Aleksander Szymański joined the band as the lead guitarist. Despite his young age, thanks to his skills he convinced the band from the very beginning. Since that time, the band continued the promo-campaign “I Have Worn…” as the 5-membered group.

Being constantly active, in late autumn 2013 the band started to work on the second longplay titled Malleus Maleficarum. Being faithful to the themes of dark medieval times Incarnal based his mood on the famous coursebook for inquisitors “Hammer of the Witches.” The songs were being arranged from autumn 2013 to March 2014. In May 2014 with the help of Mateusz Gręba (Octagony) Incarnal recorded the drums section, later on thanks to Bartek Trojanowski (Cicatrix) the band has recorded guitars, bass and vocals. The guitarist Aleksander was responsible for the whole process of recording and mixing. The album contains the guest participation of Artur “Chudy” Chudewniak (Trauma) and Andrzej “A” Papież (Sphere, Revelation of Doom). Finally the album was self-released on 28th of December 2014 with the German sound title Hexenhammer.

At 8 th of July Hexenhammer was re-released with Via-Nocturna Records. During album- promoting concerts in Poland Incarnal had pleasure to share stage with artists as: Vader, Acid Drinkers, Furia Pandemonium, Luctus, Besatt, Hell:on, Totem, Frontside, Alastor, Headhunders DC, Terrordome, Minetaur Sphere, Embrional, Deivos, Brüdny Skürwiel and more…


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